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Reblog to be on woolfen favies

 I decided to make a fave page. It will contain 8-15 blogs that i love so much

 Don’t worry about blog’s style. I like all kind of blogs, except hipster and porn… So if you are a fashion/boho/indie/summer/models/minitalist/hsjdkafyd , you will be considered to be in my fave page.

 I’ll start choosing when it reach a decent of notes. Hopefully this sunday ( btw it’s my birthdayyy, june 24th )


  • MBF me, the cool and chilling woolfen
  • Reblog only, as many times as you want .
  • Like = disqualified


  • A spot on my blog
  • Solo promo / screenie once a day on request to 4k+
  • Help with at least 20+ votes a day
  • A banner ( if you want lol, cause i’m not that good )
  • Tips, help with stuff that we can agree on
  • My love ofc.

Keep on reblogging. Must reach a decent of notes. Any question = hit my ask


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