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An 18-year-old student from Europe is running this blog ☆ It is simply a neat collection of various street style and runway outfits which inspire me in a modern mix with interior photographies, architecture, paintings and eventually some fresh food. Feel free to contact me, I'm curious to get to know people from all over the world and please don´t hesitate; I'm here for any advice and question of every kind :) have a lovely day! ----------------------------------------------- Thank you so much for making me reach +10k // admin and founder of TheVogueTeam & The InstaClique

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Awwww thanks so much your msg made my day hun c: xx

asked by bounsai
Taken from my own IG @sibelicious //
How it works:
This will be a support group for a certain amount of blogs connecting tumblr and instagram! The members will be shown with their url and their IG name on a platform which will be visible for everybody. There they will also have the chance to share ig-photos posted here on tumblr via this group so that everyone can reblog them as well as discover new IG accounts to follow and widen their world wide connection (yay!)
In order to become a member: • simply reblog and like this post! (likes only dont count!)
You dont need to follow me in any way, but if you feel like check out my IG @sibelicious I will most likely follow you when your tumblr is stated on your profil/bio!
Happy sharing! There is no restriction on how many we chose! You will be informed via tumblr messanger if you plus we will constantly keep adding people on the list!
taken by me, please don’t change the source
It has been quite a long that I didn’t post any of my own photogrphies but today I felt like sharing my wonderful white orchid with you! Please do not change or remove the source.
I’m going to make a favourites page ♡
So you can basicly reblog this as often as you want to if you wanna be considered. How many blogs I’m going to pick depends on the amount of notes this post will get. I’ll chose soon.
Blog style doesn’t really matter because I want all types of blogs in my favourites :) The chosen blogs in my favourites will get any sort of support/help whenever they need it (promos, advice etc.), and a link on my blog with hundrets of visits daily, so be sure you´ll gain followers. When you make it in my favourites once, I probably won’t ever kick you out of the list.. so you’ll be there forever!
You just need to follow me (d-aphne)
Lots of love, if there are any questions left feel free to ask me here sweeties!
love the colour of my new shirt ♡
my iced caramel mocca from today ♡
My new neon pink skinny pants!
my new Pandora bracelet!