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An 18-year-old student from Europe is running this blog ☆ It is simply a neat collection of various street style and runway outfits which inspire me in a modern mix with interior photographies, architecture, paintings and eventually some fresh food. Feel free to contact me, I'm curious to get to know people from all over the world and please don´t hesitate; I'm here for any advice and question of every kind :) have a lovely day! ----------------------------------------------- Thank you so much for making me reach +10k // admin and founder of TheVogueTeam & The InstaClique

First anniversary ♡

Yesterday, exactly one year ago I joined tumblr.

Looking back I am really glad that I decided to become a part of this wonderful community. Not only I had the chance to improve my english and get to know amazing people who gave me the opportunity to talk about literally anything, I also made new friends and even though we’ve never met I feel so close to them! Nowadays I browse through fashion magazines and name all models as if it was my school’s yearbook and all this thanks to tumblr! Whenever I feel bad I check my dashboard which somehow cheers me up and calms me down. Reading a post which either describes my whole life or my currenty state is probably one of the best feeling ever. Tumblr insiders as for example messages with more than half of the content saying ‘omg omg omg’ or comments like ‘i’m dying what is air omg breathe’ has become part of my life. It was and still is awesome to find people all over the world who have the same interessts and share the joy of this fact with you. For someone who doesn’t know tumblr it probably appears super cheesy and exagerated but there’s nothing more true than those words. Indeed tumblr is special and someone who haven’t experienced it yet can’t know what it is like.

I’d like to thank all my lovely followers who made all this possible, I love you guys- you’re amazing :’)

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omg what, I set a huge queue for the time I was on a school trip but it didn’t post any of the photos :O sorry guys for being inactive a little!


I am really really sorry for being little active on tumblr those days but school is keeping me extremely busy! I will take my time and answer all messages tomorrow, promised! Thanks for your patience :)

Hiya :)

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my queue while I was spending my whole summer vacation at the beach tehe ;) I’ll be back tomorrow, I will answer all of your messages etc. If you´re a new follower PLEASE make a post tracking the tag ‘dxaphne’ so that I can check out all the lovely blogs of my new followers!

See you soon! Kisses & Hugs xx

Bye bye :(

I am leaving tomorrow to spent 5 weeks at our beachhouse. I will not be able to check out tumblr often so I’ve queued up tons of photos you will enjoy until I come back + my blogsitter will also post promotiong regulary so you won´t miss anything!

I love you all so so much! Kisses & Hugs :) xx

does anyone of you want to move into a convent with me and life there as nuns for the rest of our lifes?

it’s actually stunning how a day passes by and I literally didn’t do ANYTHING productive.

I’m back :)

First of all a massive thank you to c-larity who took care of my blog while I was visiting Italy during this week! To my new followers: you can make a post tagged as dxaphne and I will check out your blog one of those days!


don’t even know what to do with myself right now..

aw you are so cute, your blog is awesome!